To give AI consciousness ROBOmind-Project To give AI consciousness ROBOmind-Project

What’s ROBOmind-Project?

AI that beats world champions of go and shogi has appeared through Deep Leaning.
But that AI wins only go and shogi matches.
That AI can do only one kind of job.
That AI is called Narrow AI.

What we need is AI that can do whatever we ask to do.
Nonetheless, we don’t want to ask AI to do difficult jobs such as beating world champions of go or shogi.
What we want to ask AI to do are easy jobs that any and every human being can do.
Asking to answer to simple questions or asking to be a talking companion just a while.

AI that can do anything as a human being does is called AGI(artificial general intelligence).
AGI is the very technology that is needed now.

It’s said that the Singularity will be occur when AGI is created.

A very high wall confronts creating AGI, though.

ROBOmind, Inc.
ROBOmind, Inc.
Atsushi Takata
Atsushi Takata

A very high wall that confronts creating AGI

AI that can do whatever we ask to do as human being does.
Why can’t we create that kind of simple AI?

When a person asks someone to do something, he/she uses language (natural language) to explain.
Someone who is asked to do understands meanings of the language and does as explained.

Understanding meanings of languages.

Actually, AI can’t do it.
Precisely, AI can’t understand yet what “understanding meanings of languages” is.

ROBOmind-Project has developed a model of a mind that is the same as human being’s to understand meanings of languages.
ROBOmind-Project has developed a system that gives computers consciousness .

ROBOmind, Inc. is one and only company that can realize “understanding meanings of languages”.

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